Court rejects umpteenth request for R. Kelly’s release

R. Kelly (53) has to stay in prison in Chicago. The court decided this on Tuesday after they rejected the singer’s request for release for the seventh time.

He has been in jail since July 2019 for various crimes, including sexual assault, child pornography and extortion. Kelly’s lawyers tried to get the singer out of jail several times in recent months, but the court turned down every request for release.

The lawyers are using reasons like the corona crisis and Kelly’s prison safety to get him out. But in vain, because the requests are always received negatively. The judges fear that the singer will flee.

A few weeks ago, R. Kelly was attacked by another inmate. That is why he has been in solitary since then, but according to his lawyers, that is not enough.

They think that Kelly’s safety is not guaranteed and therefore ask for his release. Kelly is stuck awaiting several lawsuits against him. The singer, who continues to insist that he is innocent, is accused of sexual abuse by several women.

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