Crazy ‘Silly Walk’ signs on the doorstep during this corona time

In these strange corona times of being in our room, it is essential to prevent boredom and not lose the laugh. You shouldn’t tell this family from Michigan’s Grosse Pointe Park. They decided to entertain themselves, their neighbors, and, by extension, the rest of the world by letting everyone who passes by their house display their ‘Silly Walk’.

A nod to the famous Monty Python sketch ‘The Ministry of Silly Walks’. From whole families who venture at an Egyptian pass to numerous passers-by who swing their legs high into the air; the result is hilarious.

For those who have not seen the sketch of the legendary British comedy group Monty Python, which revolves around the fictional ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’, responsible for developing idle walks with government subsidies, both the minister and all civil servants show off their crazy walks.

A gentleman hopes to receive an allowance from working out his weird walk but gets zero on the complaint. His stride is far from simple.

Various ‘Silly Walks’

A wonderful satire on bureaucratic inefficiency that is also the opinion of the American Liz Koto, herself an official. Koto recently posted a sign on the sidewalk in front of her house that read, “You have now entered the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks. Commence silly walk immediately”.

Crazy ‘Silly Walk’ signs on the doorstep during this corona time
Facebook – This man also gave the best of himself.

Furthermore, it says: “We are all in this situation, so let’s have a little fun.” To share the fun of all those nasty walks with the rest of the world, Liz also created an Instagram account where all the Silly Walks – filmed from somewhere at the front door – are shared. It should come as no surprise that the videos are currently going viral. In the meantime, the sign is also appearing elsewhere in the streets in the US.


How Liz just got the idea? “My husband and I were walking with the kids on their bikes together in the neighborhood when it suddenly occurred to me. I thought back to the sketch and thought it would make a walk even more fun.”

Crazy ‘Silly Walk’ signs on the doorstep during this corona time

It soon became apparent that the neighbors turned into great ‘Silly Walkers’ on their own. “My neighbors seem to love it. Some pass through several times a day and over and over again make sure they pull out their best weird runs.”

One neighbor also left a note in front of their house in which she expressed her gratitude for the hilarity in these difficult times. “Thanks for a laugh,” it sounded.

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