“Crystal astronaut” – an artifact that does not fit into the official story

A rock crystal figurine named the “Crystal Astronaut” was found in the United States. It is unknown where and when it happened, but now she is in the Walters Art Museum, USA.

What surprised many archaeologists about the artifact, and in principle, all people? First of all, the age of the figure is estimated at 3-4 thousand years; this was the minimum when it was created, and no one knows where it was created.

Crystal Astronaut
Crystal Astronaut

But the most striking thing is that the figure looks a lot like an astronaut. Although many do not agree with this, but if you look closely, you can really see something resembling an astronaut, though without the basic equipment.

Finally, the last thing is the processing of the rock crystal. No one hides the fact that the artifact of 3 thousand years, but at the same time, scientists are not bothered by the question of how in such a distant past could process rock crystal and create a figure from it.

But this is not the only so-called spaceman found in ancient figurines and writings. Archaeologists have already found quite a few artifacts that don’t fit the story.

Crystal Astronaut
Crystal Astronaut

These are astronaut figurines from Ecuador, there and the astronaut on one of the ancient cathedrals of Spain, besides in the ancient drawings there are also figures resembling astronauts.

Could people thousands of years ago know the images of modern astronauts, or did they already exist then? Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question, but such finds are not so few.

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