Declared dead by mistake, he sees his relatives arrive at his home for his funeral

An 82-year-old Puy-de-Dôme resident spent all day answering his family’s calling to ensure he was still alive and in good health after an erroneous publication of his death in the local daily La Montagne.

Due to an error made by the funeral directors, a funeral notice appeared on February 14 concerning an 82-year-old inhabitant of Saint-Éloy-les-Mines, in the Puy-de-Dôme, which is actually well alive and in good health, says La Montagne.

The octogenarian himself learned this news from his neighbor, who came to the door hoping to see someone close to him to offer his condolences.

However, when Maurice Saunier, announced dead, opened the door, the first question his neighbor asked him was if he was real, he told the local newspaper.

Maurice Saunier said he spent Sunday calling his family and answering the phone to reassure his loved ones.

He says he did not have time to warn everyone and that some went to his home from the Dordogne where they live.

The octogenarian is delighted that he could see a part of his family that he has not seen for a while, thanks to this mistake.

Where does the fault come from?

The next day, Monday, February 15, the Vallaza funeral directors, at the origin of the problem, offered their sincerest apologies to the octogenarian, as well as to his family.

The owner explained to La Montagne that Maurice Saunier had come to see them to prepare his contract, following which a funeral notice was drawn up to serve as an estimate. However, he does not understand how this error could have occurred, concludes the media.

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