‘Deros’ – Advanced ancient monsters from Earth’s core

There is a hypothesis that the Earth has a hollow habitable core, and it is there those evil creatures called Deros live, which were created with the help of genetic engineering in very ancient times.

Resembling demons, these creatures visit the surface of the Earth to kidnap people, who are then subjected to various tortures and conducted various experiments on them. They also wreak havoc and destruction on the surface of the Earth, using technologically advanced machines hidden in caves to change the weather, alter brain waves, cause mental illness and cause industrial, road and other accidents.

The idea of the existence of a race of “Deros” originated with Richard Sharpe Shaver. In 1943, Shaver wrote a letter to Amazing Stories magazine. He claimed to have discovered an ancient language, which he called “mantong”, a kind of proto-human language, which is the source of all earthly languages.

In Mantong, every sound had a hidden meaning, and by applying this formula to any word in any language, it was possible to decipher the secret meaning of any word, name or phrase. Editor Ray Palmer applied Mantong’s formula to a few words and said he realized Shaver was right.

Palmer texted Shaver back, asking how he found out about Mantong. In response, Shaver presented a document entitled “Warning to the man of the future.”

Shaver wrote about extremely advanced prehistoric races who built cave cities inside the Earth before leaving Earth and moving to another planet due to the destructive radiation of the Sun.

These ancients also left some of their own offspring here, a minority of whom remained noble and humane “Theros”, while the majority eventually degenerated into a population of mentally retarded sadists known as “Deros” – short for “harmful robots”.

Shaver’s “robots” were not mechanical structures, they were similar to robots because of their soulless behavior.

According to Shaver, the creators of Deros, whom he called Titans, were creatures over 91 meters tall, who originally came from an ancient but highly developed civilization called Lemuria.

12,000 years ago, the Deros were forced to flee to huge caves underground to escape the deadly radiation from the Sun. Some Titans, however, remained on the surface, adapted, evolved and turned into the modern human race. Others fled to distant planets.

Deros are demons in everything, sadistic idiots who have access to the advanced technology of the Titans, which they use to increase sexual pleasure during orgies to which they are addicted.

According to Shaver, these Deros still live in cave cities, abducting thousands of people living on the surface for food or torture. With the help of a complex “ray” technique that the great ancient races left behind, they observe people and project cruel thoughts and voices into our minds (schizophrenic “influence machines”).

Although they were usually confined to their caves, Shaver claimed that Deros sometimes traveled on spaceships or rockets and dealt with equally evil extraterrestrial beings. Shaver claimed to have his own knowledge of the Deros and their caves, insisting that he had been their prisoner for several years.

The editor of Amazing Stories, Raymond A. Palmer, has published many stories based on Shaver’s supposed adventures in the Hollow Earth region, not only in Amazing Stories but also in his publication Fantastic Adventures.

Palmer insisted that he did not change the basic elements of Shaver’s story, but only added an exciting plot so that the story would not read “like boring reading.” With the title “I remember Lemuria!”; it was published in the March 1945 issue of Amazing magazine.

Amazing Story about the Deros living in the Earth's core
Amazing Story about the Deros living in the Earth’s core

The issue was sold out and caused a great response: in the period from 1945 to 1949, many letters came confirming the truth of Shaver’s statements (tens of thousands of letters, according to Palmer). Correspondents claimed that they, too, had heard strange voices or met with the inhabitants of the Hollow Earth.

One of the letters in Amazing Stories was from a woman who claimed to have penetrated into the deep basement of a building in Paris, France, using a secret elevator. After several months of rape and other torture, the woman was released by a benevolent Thero.

Another letter came from Fred Chrisman, who also wrote about contacts with the Deros, who later became famous for his role in the incident on Maury Island and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In 1948, Amazing Stories stopped publishing Shaver’s stories. Palmer later claimed that the magazine was pressured by sinister external forces. After the board of directors banned the publication of articles about Deros, Palmer continued to publish stories through the periodical Hidden World.

Palmer hardly edited Shaver’s manuscripts for several years, publishing the Shaver Mystery Magazine. Until the end of his life, Richard Sharpe Shaver said that everything he told was true.

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