Detail about the Assyrian tankers

Assyria is an ancient state that was located on the territory of modern Iraq. A large number of Assyrian bas-reliefs have survived, which depict very strange mechanisms. For them, the term “Assyrian ram” or Assyrian “tank” was coined – and the tank is enclosed in quotation marks.

This is a kind of weapon of the Assyrians, similar to modern tanks or armored personnel carriers, with 4 or 6 wheels. Historians believe that it moved with the help of horses or donkeys.

However, none of the bas-reliefs depicts an animal, and no one tries to explain this riddle in the scientific world. Only an even more ridiculous version has appeared, which sounds like this: “It is assumed that they had poles behind them, to which draft animals were tied for their movement.” To get the latest stories, install our app here.

However, again, on the bas-reliefs with tanks, there are no animals either in front or behind, while on the images of ordinary Assyrian carts, there are always horses or donkeys.

Assyrian tankers
Assyrian tankers

There is another version that the mysterious mechanism was accelerated manually, and it moved by inertia, however, in some bas-reliefs, the Assyrian ram rises uphill, which indicates that it clearly had some kind of engine.

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It is also believed that this Assyrian mysterious weapon did not shoot, but was used to ram the fortress walls. Look at these bas-reliefs for yourself and make sure that the Assyrian tank is a tank without quotes.

Assyrian ram
Assyrian ram

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