Discover Smartphone applications essential for traveling in Africa!

We are more likely to be addicted with our smartphone and having a hard time separating it from us. This lily toy can be very useful overseas as many travel applications are in it.

But for trips to the African continent, applications have been specially designed for it.

Thanks to these mobile applications, you will be perfectly guided and informed during your holidays with family, friends or alone.

Here are some apps that will help you navigate around the Africa.


The Starwalk application offers the incredible opportunity for users to spot stars in the sky to make their holidays easier.


Jovago gives users easy access to the vast inventory of 25,000 hotels in Africa on the Internet and off-line.

eSnakes of Southern Africa

eSnakes of Southern Africa, a comprehensive guide to snakes in Southern Africa is an in-depth guide to the 150 species found throughout southern Africa.

Sasol Southern African Bird Guide

Sasol Southern African Bird Guide is a very good guide to discover African animals without necessarily making a safari. You will know everything about the magnificent animals of the continent.

World nomads’ language guides

World nomads language guides is an application allowing travellers from all over the world to exchange easily on their travels in the countries of East Africa. The application translates useful phrases to holidaymakers. Enough to make their holidays more enjoyable.

Tom tom southern Africa

Tom tom South Africa provides travellers from around the world with a road map of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana as well as several other countries in Africa. The application also includes contacts from hospitals and police stations in surrounding communities. No mobile signal or internet access is required to use this application.

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