Dislikes in a woman: 5 things girls hate about dating

Of course, there are far more bad dates than good ones. This is clear from communication with friends and from personal experience too. Don’t tell me you’ve always been perfect. We are not perfect; you are not perfect – nobody is perfect. But you still need to strive for the best, which means working on yourself. And in this regard, if you want to pump the skill of “first dates,” you need to find out what girls do not like most about them. To do this, we have collected the 5 most common mistakes that you shouldn’t make. Never!

When you are late or even forget about a date

Please, Charles Darwin, we beg you, set the alarm! Look at the traffic congestion, the traffic jams, whatever it takes to be on your first date. Understand, the first impression is the strongest, and when you are late, your chances plummet. And if you forget about the meeting at all, then you will not see a second date. And if you see it, take a woman as your wife: she already loves you.

When you are rude or abusive

No, you may meet a “soul mate” who is as foul-mouthed as you are. But we recommend that you stick to classical manners, which means that you should be extremely polite and good-natured. Try to control your speech and avoid abusive words. Try to speak beautifully. Using foul language and rudeness has never embellished anyone.

When you cannot connect even two words

Outgoing and open-minded guys are the guys that most girls like. These are just statistics, nothing personal. So that’s it. It is important to understand that you cannot shut yourself up on a date and mumble something under your breath. Try to speak clearly, logically correctly; try to carry on the conversation, not follow it. She will not be happy with the prospect of constantly determining the movement of the conversation: she wants you to do it.

When you talk about s*x right on the first date

Okay, you suddenly got teenage sp3rm toxicity, and you suddenly decided that it would be exquisite on a first date to discuss your girlfriend’s physical attributes in the most perverted way possible and also to hint about s*x expressly. Don’t do that. Of course, if you can see that the girl herself is going there, that’s fine. But it’s more likely that she will be uncomfortable.

When you are stuck on your phone

Turn off your phone when you sit down to have dinner with a girl or when you go out with her. Yes, you may have important negotiations or some other “very important.” But respect the girl’s time, concentrate only on her. Both thoughts and eyes. Then she will feel important, and it will help you complete your date in the best possible way.

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