Do you feel lonely in your relationship? 4 things you can do

We always strive to be as happy as possible in a relationship. Yet, that is not always feasible and not healthy. It can happen that you start to feel lonely in your relationship after a while. There are then several things you can do.

You can do something about it when you feel lonely in your relationship

When you’re in a relationship, it’s not always all cake and egg. You don’t think the same about everything, and that’s just normal. It occasionally causes (heated) discussions, but usually, you make it up again and close it. However, loneliness can creep into any relationship after a while. You then become lonely in your relationship.

Loneliness can arise in many ways. For example, the reduction in intimacy, which makes you more roommates than lovers. It can also slowly creep into long-term relationships without you noticing it right away, or having children can lead to loneliness among parents.

It doesn’t matter what the reason behind it is. You always have it in your hand to do something about it.

The following are four things you can do when you are lonely in your relationship.

Acknowledge the situation

Acknowledging your feelings is the most important step you should take first. Acknowledge that you are lonely and that those feelings are there. Then you can deal with those feelings.

You can find out where the cause is and what steps you need to take to restore the bond between you and your girlfriend.

Talking about feelings

In the ideal situation, you have planned a moment together every week. Date night, for example. Here you have time for each other to talk about emotions and feelings. We understand that this is not feasible for everyone. When you have kids or a busy job, that’s not always feasible.

Yet, you must keep talking to counteract the loneliness. Schedule a 15-minute break every day or every two days to talk about feelings and expectations. For example, during breakfast or when the kids are in bed.

Be realistic

Of course, you have expectations of your girlfriend, but be realistic about them. Asking too much can have the opposite effect. So sometimes turn to your best friends, your brothers, and sisters or possibly your parents to talk to.

Seek professional help

There is a taboo against seeking professional help for your mental health. Nevertheless, we want to make it negotiable and indicate how good it can be to take this step after all. Of course, talking to friends or other loved ones can be supported because you can share your story.

However, a professional can still help you one step further. Find a great psychologist with whom you click so that he can help you further.

You can also opt for couples therapy. This way, you both have a conversation with a therapist. While it may sound like the relationship is almost lost by then, it isn’t. It can be exciting to express your feelings for a while, but in the end, it’s for a good cause.

If you recognize yourself in this article, it is high time to take action to improve your relationship.

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