Signs of loneliness in a relationship

Are they smiling? Rarely, and if they do, it’s almost forced. Do they tell jokes? Almost never. Instead, they feel nervous and lonely

All of the above characterize too many couples who live under the same roof and share the same bed feel lonely. While in the same place, they are the couples who pay all their attention to the screens of their mobile phones. They are the couples who walk together, but they walk alone, lost in thought. They kiss fleetingly and are embraced by habit.

Perhaps loneliness is a little less evident in the bedroom because their dialogue is not necessary. But this is not enough because physical attraction is not enough to act as glue. To make you feel less alone.

However, these people stay together. They do not end the relationship even if they do not feel true love. Maybe for convenience? Or perhaps because they are happy with what they have, in order not to be left alone?

Many are content with this type of relationship to avoid loneliness. And they do not realize how lonely they are even though they have a partner.

It may seem like a contradiction, but it is not. Instead of being “alone”, many prefer to be “alone with another”. And if they fail to rectify this situation, they will be driven to complete alienation. And the experience of loneliness next to someone with whom you no longer have a relationship is much worse as a feeling than the corresponding experience in an empty house.

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