Dog ‘Sadie’ smells gas leak and breaks out to save 2 souls

Sadie was a naughty girl, the neighbours and the police thought, that her boss initially even have a fine. The dog had broke loose, but when they brought Sadie back home, the officers noticed a gas smell. The owner is convinced that the animal wanted to warn of the gas leak and thus saved her life and that of her four-year-old daughter.

From “naughty girl” to “heroine” in record time, the dog played that on Wednesday. The four-leg-friend had run away from her home in the New York Tuckahoe and kept barking on the street, to the annoyance of the neighbours. The police arrived around 15h45 for the stray dog. The officers saw that the sliding glass door was open and the gate was broken. At a tour around the house, they were smoke of gas, which came from an open window of the cellar. The fire brigade was summoned and indeed discovered a gas leak in the basement.

Dog Sadie smells gas leak and breaks out to save 2 souls

The police praised Sadie on Facebook because she probably smelled the gas and could draw attention to the problem. The fine for the owner was withdrawn again.

On their Facebook page, it writes: “At approximately 3:45pm yesterday, we received a call of a loose, barking dog on Fairview Avenue. As officers managed to return the dog to the backyard, they noticed the sliding glass door was open, and the fence was broken.

At first it appeared that Sadie was being a bad girl. However, as officers were walking the perimeter of the house, they smelled an odor of gas coming from an open basement window. Eastchester FD and Con Ed were called to the scene and determined there was a gas leak coming from the basement.

“Did Sadie sense danger? Did she smell the gas in the house, and force her way outside to the street to draw attention?

“Sadie – Great work sniffing out danger and getting help! If we are ever in need of a K9, we will put you at the top of our list!”

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