Young man exposes how girls are used for rituals on cybercrime

A young Nigerian, whose name has not been identified, has resolved to abandon the “cybercrime” since he raised the large sum of N1.8billion.

He says he managed to reach this summit through to the scam he was doing on the internet. He revealed the various ritual operations or human sacrifices carried out in Nigeria.

This young person explains that it happens that the excrements of a person are used to make it crazy or to kill it. According to the young person’s explanation, there is a difference between the rituals of money and the rituals made by a “Cybercriminal”.

Discover the entirety of his declaration relayed by the site Gossipmill.

He wrote

As a former hustler, I can tell you with certainty that faeces are more used by ritualists in search of money. This method of ritual is so powerful that the one whose faeces are used systematically dies. This method, which is at the same time a source of money related to blood, is less used by “cybercriminals”. A scammer can practice and succeed in this ritual without the help of a marabout.

Another ritual is that it is possible to introduce inside a woman a liquid that will be fatal. The girl after having had a relationship with such a man can never have a child in his life. Even if she becomes pregnant, she will miscarry. One of the rituals I use when I was more active on social networks for the scam is the one whose photo of the victim is mysteriously buried near the grave of a person of the same sex. Some women in search of money ritual also use this method. Unlike the honey-based ritual, which is more prevalent, the soap-based ritual is very effective. Such a ritual is made with a soap that is previously used by the man before having intimacy with his victim.

This ritual is 100% effective since you automatically receive money from the one you have scammed. But as soon as you collect the money, it is necessary for you as a sacrifice to buy a ram and you put a “Tira” around his neck. The ram will die during the night. A girl more coveted by MPs in Nigeria is the one who brought me to the marabout who is this type of charm. She used it to win the hearts of several Nigerian MPs.

The rumor that some young people are barking like a dog or going crazy for a whole day to have a lot more money is true. Also, one of the scam methods also used by “cybercriminals” is the fake bank account. To conquer a person, the scammers ask their conquests to follow them to Dubai. Once there, they open a bank account in the name of these girls without their knowledge. And it is with this bank account that they scam people.

All of these things mentioned above have been around since then. But the young “scammers” have recently started using these different rituals to thrive in their cybercrime activities. In fact, I was able to raise a sum of 2 billion 70 million CFA just by the scam. Only after that did I decide to stop everything. That God forgives me.

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