Dolphin carved with name, washes up on the beach

In the Spanish seaside town of Roquetas de Mar, a mutilated dolphin was washed up on the beach on Friday. On his body the name ‘Juan’ was carved with a knife. That probably happened when the animal was still alive.

In the seaside town of Roquetas de Mar in the Spanish region of Almería, dead dolphins regularly wash ashore. Yet the local police were shocked by what they found when they went to the beach after a phone call from walkers. There lay a lifeless dolphin in whose body the name ‘Juan’ was carved with a knife.

The coast guard of the national police was summoned to investigate the body further. They now suspect that the mutilation happened before the animal died. In addition to the notched name, there were also stab wounds in other places.

The Coast Guard has been working for some time on an investigation into the flushing dolphins. However, it is the first time that a name has been carved into the animal.

Since Juan is a very popular Spanish name, it is possible to find out who just left his signature.

Spanjevandaag, Equinac
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