“Doumbe the morguier”, reveals his sexual relationship with corpses

In Cameroon, Mr. Ndoumbe, commonly known as Doumbe “the morguier”, is no longer working at the mortuary in Douala. He worked as a “morguier” (a term used in Cameroon to designate an employee of the morgue).

Ndoumbe worked at the Douala laquintinie hospital for 27 years, and his popularity goes beyond the Cameroonian borders, not only because of his profession. But especially by his “exploits” in the profanation of corpses.

Recently on the social gaze set on ‘Equinox television’, Doumbe ‘the morguier’ for example revealed how he had sex with corpses, specifically the bodies of beautiful women. Sometimes he would share his meals with the dead.

He said, for example, that he ate bread and put a little bit into the mouth of the dead man before putting the rest of the piece back into his mouth. The man has never hidden his multiple desecrations of the bodies of beautiful women.

He often said in public places that he had sexual relations with the corpses of women and even promised other women still alive that they would not escape him when their turn come to die and especially if their body passed through laquintinie’s morgue.

Beating of the corpse

Doumbe the morguier not only profaned the bodies by sexual intercourse but also by inflicting canings on corpses. For example, the former morguier explained that a family had appealed to him on the bafoussam road because the body was disturbing the family. He had to inflict a copious beating on the corpse (50 lashes). So that it would calm down in order to transport it to its place of burial.

Today, Doumbé is a weakened man, diminished, poor and struck by a stroke that has partially paralyzed him. He is seeking the government’s help to obtain a retirement pension after having worked for 27 years as a morguier at the Douala laquintinie hospital.

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