Dozens of elephants poached in reserve in Botswana

More than 80 elephants have been killed in a reservation in Botswana. This is what the Elephants Without Borders organization (Elephants Without Borders) says, which observes and researches the reserve from the air. The organization speaks of one of the largest syrup parties ever.

Botswana has one of Africa’s largest elephant populations and has been fighting for decades against poachers who are interested in the valuable ivory tusks of the animals. However, they are increasingly able to massively slaughter elephants in the Botswana reserves.

Elephants Without Borders already counted 87 poached elephants in the largest game reserve in the country but fears that this figure could increase rapidly. “I am in shock. I fall over from surprise. I’ve never heard of stroples on this scale in Africa,” said Mike Chase of the organization to BBC.

A third of African elephants have been killed in the past decade according to estimates. In countries like Tanzania, the population even decreased by 60 percent.

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