DRC Elections: The Cenco knows the name of the winner

The National Episcopal Conference of the Congo (Cenco) said Thursday it knew the name of the winner of the presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Cenco (Catholic Church), who was careful not to reveal the name of the one who, according to them, won the vote, asked the electoral commission to proclaim the results in “the truth and justice”.

They deployed observers to polling stations in Sunday’s presidential election, which was coupled with provincial and legislative elections. The observation mission of the Cenco “notes that the data available to them from the minutes of polling stations consecrate the choice of a candidate as President of the Republic,” said his spokesman, Father Donatien Nshole.

“It is important to underline that the irregularities observed could not considerably affect the choice that the Congolese people clearly expressed at the polls,” he added.

“To this end,” says Father Donatien Nshole, “the CENI is called, as an institution supporting democracy, to publish in all responsibility the election results in the respect of truth and justice”.

He presented the preliminary report of the Electoral Observation Mission of the Justice and Peace Commission of Cenco, which claims to have deployed some 40,000 observers during the elections.

The CENI said Tuesday it would proclaim the provisional results by Sunday.

He went on to say that a postponement of the announcement was possible in view of the magnitude of the task at hand.

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