DRC: How motorcyclists make money from transporting corpses (photos)

In the rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), corpses are being transported to or from the morgue on motorcycles.

The bikers must move to a distance of nearly 400 km, with a corpse on the back. Some poor families are forced to adopt this technique because they do not have money to rent a hearse.

The lifeless body is wrapped in a blanket, supported on both sides by tree branches attached to a motorcycle.

The photos that became viral on social networks, were shared by a PK Kasrim. The latter revealed that motorcyclists use this means of transport as a source of extra profit.

He said: “This is how “boda boda” riders in parts of rural DR Congo transport corpse to and from the mortuary. It’s a lucrative business to venture as it pays handsomely well. Tricky sana.”

These photos provoked the Internet users, several affirming that it is a lack of respect towards the dead.

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