DRC: the effect of violence in the life in Bunia

At the central market in Bunia, the effects of violence in the Djugu territory are beginning to be felt.

Djugu is considered the granary of the province of Ituri. The main agricultural products such as potatoes, beans and corn come from this territory to supply the entire province.

Since January, the prices of these different products have risen on the central market of Bunia.

Before the violence, a bag of potatoes from Djugu cost 75,000 Congolese francs. Today, it is necessary to disburse not less than 100 000 Congolese francs to have the same quantity.

At the central market of Bunia, a buyer identify as Clementine says, she also notes that rising in prices are not just about sacks of potatoes: “Since Djugu’s situation has become complicated, there is rising on prices, like cabbages, pork, even peppers.”

Marked by violence that has caused more than 300,000 displaced for about three months, Djugu is considered the granary of the province of Ituri.

“It is a lung territory of the province of Ituri and which – I would even say – feeds largely at least 50% or 60% the city of Bunia,” said Fimbo Lebiliye, the mayor of Bunia.

The situation is all the more serious as the agricultural season B of 2017 had failed with the extension of the dry season. The Djugu farmers were hoping to catch up this March, but it will not be possible.

Bonaventure Lokadi, provincial inspector of agriculture for the province of Ituri stated that the real problem is: “We will not have time to sow, we will not have agricultural production in the territory of Djugu. Production will have to drop significantly in the province.”

To prevent the situation from worsening, Bonaventure Lokadi sees only one solution: “Stop the violence so that people can return to their places of origin, start their agricultural activities, if that is possible. Because, if all this stops, we can also already prepare the agricultural activities for the second season and 2018”.

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