Exercises to lose belly fat! Reasons you don’t get rid of belly fat

Do you engage in intensive exercises to lose belly fat? Are you also someone who first comes on the stomach? And don’t you seem to get rid of that pesky belly? Then you may have to find the cause in one of these things.

Exercises to lose belly fat! Reasons you don't get rid of belly fat

1. You eat enough protein, but not the right one

Good sources of protein build muscle mass and make you feel fuller. Most of us get our daily protein needs, but often they don’t come from lean proteins such as fish, chicken, turkey, beans and legumes.

Instead, we often opt for red meat and cheese. Therefore, try to focus on lean proteins.

2. Your fitness routine is wrong

Does your workout only consist of cardio exercises or strength training? Then try to combine both. This way, you will lose the most belly fat.

Exercises to lose belly fat! Reasons you don't get rid of belly fat

3. You have taken everything out of your closet that is not low in fat

Many low-fat processed foods are high in sugar, and unfortunately, that sugar mainly sticks to your tummy.

Therefore, try more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as nuts, soybeans, and olive oil. They are less likely to be stored as fat.

4. You don’t eat regularly enough

No matter how little time you have, skipping meals – and especially breakfast – not only slows your metabolism, research in mice shows it can also lead to weight gain in your stomach.

Exercises to lose belly fat! Reasons you don't get rid of belly fat

Therefore, try to eat something every few hours.

5. You have stress

Stress increases your cortisol level, so you store more weight in your abdominal area, slow down your metabolism, and burn fewer calories at rest.

6. You are in menopause

During the menopause, the amount of estrogen in your body decreases. With sufficient estrogen, fat is mainly stored on the buttocks, hips, and thighs. When your estrogen drops, that extra fat mainly moves to the abdominal area.

That’s why women in menopause often have a tummy. But we also have good news: after your menopause, you lose weight more quickly than slightly younger women.

For example, light physical activity such as walking and gardening already has a significant impact on your belly fat.

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  1. I am on my weight loss journey and I agree that combined exercise and a healthy diet is important.

    It does not have to be 1000 steps or anything like that. Start with small things such as walking in the park. From there, build momentum and improve daily. Weight loss should be enjoyable and rewarding at the end. Also, small habits such as keeping fruit in the fridge and healthy snacks such as roasted almonds could give you a huge payoff in the long term.

    One other thing that can help is starting a diet journey with a written plan and a journal. You want to come up with a system that you can follow and adjust based on your situation. I keep a list of exercises, progress and food recipes that help me with my diet.

    I love tea! I keep a bunch of tea recipes in my journal. I benefited from the Red tea detox program. It has a bunch of ingredients that help to reduce hunger and production of stress hormones. It helps me to cut my binge eating habit that I have tried to get rid of since forever.

    Personally I follow the all in one guide from fatlosshabbit.com, they have the best Red tea detox recipes plus all the exercises and diet plan necessary to give you results in just 14 days. I hope this helps you and good luck in your weight loss journey.

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