Father flies throughout the USA with stewardess-daughter during Christmas

When a flight attendant from Delta Airlines had to cancel the Christmas party with her family because she was scheduled for six flights on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, her father decided to fly as a passenger on all those trips, so that his daughter not only had to spend the Christmas days.

Relatives of Delta Air employees receive a discount or may even fly free with the airline, so the six flights that Hal Vaughan made to be with his daughter Pierce during the Christmas season will not immediately bankrupt him.

Still, it is a nice gesture that was shared on Facebook by Hals fellow passenger Mike Levy. The man was sitting next to Hal on a flight from Fort Myers to Detroit, where he got into conversation with Hal. He was so moved by the story of his neighbour, that he took pictures of father and daughter and shared the story on Facebook.

“Fantastic father”

“I had the pleasure to be able to sit next to Hal on my flight back home”, he writes. “His daughter Pierce is a stewardess and she had to work during Christmas. Hal then decided to spend the Christmas days with her. He flies with her today and tomorrow on all the flights she has to work to spend Christmas with her. What a fantastic father! I wish you both a very Merry Christmas!”

The message went viral in no time and was showered with positive reactions. “The most beautiful Christmas story I’ve heard this year”, someone wrote. Others felt that Hal deserved the title of ‘father of the year’ with his heart-warming action.

“Successful adventure”

Daughter Pierce later reacted to the message herself and reported that it had been a “successful adventure”. “Dad’s trip was a success! Many thanks to all patient colleagues at the desks throughout the country and to my own great team”, Pierce writes. “My father was there on every flight and he was allowed to travel from Fort Myers to Detroit in first class – a Christmas wonder! Finally, thanks to Mike Levy, who was a fantastic first-class passenger and made us realize how cool this really is!”

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