Fear of catching Covid, Israeli woman burn almost 3,300 dollars

An Israeli real estate agent has heated banknotes from one of its tenants in a bowl of bleach in the microwave, fearing a coronavirus infection. Since the notes contained metal strips, they went up in flames. The Israeli national bank has since repaid the amount.

The woman wanted to disinfect the notes, she later explained to the bank. It involved an amount of 3,300 dollars. “I feel very guilty because it is not my money, and I am an honest citizen who would never destroy money,” the 74-year-old woman said in a letter she sent to the bank along with the 70 notes.

He examined the remains and determined that it was indeed real money. The bank decided to replace the money and return it to the woman. A bank spokesman said the financial institution replaces thousands of notes that are damaged every year. “But we’ve never had a case where the notes were boiled.”

According to health experts, the chance of contracting the coronavirus via banknotes or coins is very small.

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