Fire in a CENI warehouse in Kinshasa

A fire broke out Thursday morning in one of the warehouses of the electoral commission in Kinshasa.

For now, the extent of the damage is not known. But according to the CENI, the warehouse contained electoral material for the elections of 23 December.

CENI says investigation is underway and adds election process continues. On the site, from the avenue of the high command, an important device is deployed.

Thursday morning in front of the buildings of the warehouse, a sweep of the fire-fighting vehicles is observed on the avenue of the high commandments.

Fire soldiers intervened to extinguish the fire

The photos posted by the independent national electoral commission show charred vehicles and buildings whose rays are blackened by smoke.

Outside on High Command Avenue, a high-security neighbourhood, a few meters from the city’s largest military camp, the Kokolo Camp, some election officials are waiting in their vehicles.

In a statement, the CENI indicates that a fire broke out in one of its central warehouses around 2 am. The electoral commission also said that an investigation is underway to determine the source of the fire and the extent of the damage. While reassuring the voters of the continuation of the electoral process.

Some young people grouped on the sites are not reassured. Between them, they are worried that the fire will come to bear a blow to the electoral process in progress, 10 days remain for the elections.

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