First trailer of live-action ‘The Lion King’ looks lifelike

“Everything the light touches is our kingdom”, with just one quote. The American audience knew which trailer they were suddenly presented with this Thanksgiving. Disney releases a first glimpse of the new ‘The Lion King’. And Simba looks lifelike as a newborn lion.

Disney is currently working on live-action remakes of all their old classics. This is how they also dealt with ‘Cinderella’, ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Beauty And The Beast’. The next film of that genre is ‘Dumbo’, directed by Tim Burton.

In ‘The Lion King’, James Earl Jones will be Mufasa’s voice just like in the original. Donald Glover becomes Simba, and even Beyoncé makes her appearance. She plays the adult version of Simba’s girlfriend, Nala.

The trailer shows – of course – one of the most iconic scenes from the history of Disney. The moment when the newborn Simba, the future king, will be shown on Pride Rock to the rest of the animal kingdom. The cartoon from 1994 also opens with that image.

The print is directed by Jon Favreau and uses the same motion-capture technique to bring the animals to life as ‘The Jungle Book’.

In July 2019 the film will be shown for the first time in the halls.

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