Floyd Mayweather accepts Mc Gregor’s revenge in a cage

Last Thursday on TMZ, American boxing star Floyd Mayweather revealed that he had begun to prepare for the MMA fight, probably against Conor Mc Gregor. In August 2017, the American was out of retirement to face Irish.

He had once again carried gangs and was riding a boxing ring. At the end of this fight in which Mc Gregor had lost, the Irishman then asked Floyd Mayweather for revenge. A revenge Floyd Mayweather seems to respond favourably.

Floyd Mayweather said he will start training soon “I’m going to start training soon,” Mayweather told the TMZ website about a proposal made to him by former MMA champion Tyron Woodley. “We’ve been exchanging text messages for a while, we’ve talked to each other, but we’ll start working together soon,” he said.

If he chose to go into MMA, Floyd Mayweather could easily pocket a billion dollars.

The American has indicated his work schedule in a schedule before his first MMA fight. “I’m going to need a little over three months of training, it can take anywhere from six to eight months, we’ll take the time, we just want to do it right,” says Mayweather.

“I’m not bad at wrestling (for ground techniques allowed in MMA, ed), I would put a score of 7 out of 10 in this area and I can go up to 9. With my fists, my note climbs to 100. After, for the kicks, I put myself a 4 out of 10 “, he added.

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