Founder of Huawei denies espionage and calls Trump “great president”

The founder of the Chinese smartphone builder Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, has emphatically denied in a rare interview that his company once spied for Beijing. He also had a remarkable amount of praise for Donald Trump.

The man, a former engineer in the Chinese army, rarely appears in the press. But today he spoke at the headquarters in Shenzen a circle of journalists, now that the telecom giant is discredited. For example, a few days ago the company fired a manager who was arrested in Poland on suspicion of espionage for the Chinese secret services. Ren Zhengfei’s first daughter, Meng Wanzhou, has been in a Canadian cell for some time now and risks expulsion to the US. At the request of the USA, she was arrested for violations of the embargoes against Iran.

“Refuse every question from Beijing”

That is why the discrete Huawei founder denied the possible espionage by the company. “I love my country and I support the Communist Party. But I will never do anything that will harm the world.”

Furthermore, the man assured that there is no link between his political convictions and the activities of the company. Huawei refuses every request from Beijing to obtain sensitive data from customers, he said.


Furthermore, the man was still praising the resident of the White House and minimizing the role of Huawei in the trade with the US. “Huawei is only a sesame seed in the trade dispute between China and the US. Trump is a great president.”

President Donald Trump dares to make large tax cuts that benefit the companies, the hymns sounded. “But you have to treat the companies and countries so that they want to invest in the US and the government can raise enough taxes.”

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