Tempting: From foldable smartphones to AI robotic mowers

A smartphone with five (!) Cameras at the back, more pliable devices, 5G connections. And yes, a robotic lawnmower at a conference for mobile technology.

These were the top five of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Huawei Mate X (€2,300)

The show was finished on Sunday evening with the media conference of Huawei, where the Chinese manufacturer – following Samsung a week earlier – presented his foldable smartphone Mate X. Huawei states that it will be the fastest foldable 5G phone, and the thinnest and the fastest charging technology. Hard to test, because at MWC the device stayed neatly behind glass.

From foldable smartphones to AI robotic mowers
©Huawei – The Huawei Mate X

At first glance, the smartphone seems to have a solid folding system and it also looks practical in use. We also have reservations: about scratch sensitivity for example, but especially about the price. With 2,300 euros, the Mate X is still a big step higher than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which will cost 1999 euros. This is not reserved for the masses.
Expected: mid-2019. Recommended retail price: 2,300 euros.

Nokia 9 PureView (€599)

If you can’t settle for three or four cameras at the back of your smartphone? Good news for you: in the new Nokia 9 PureView smartphone from the Finnish HMD you get five. The photo module consists of two color and three monochrome sensors, all with a 12-megapixel resolution and a lens with an aperture of f/1.8. By omitting the color filters, these black-and-white cameras can theoretically capture more light and capture more details. The final result is a color photo. HMD has collaborated with the British company Light, which specializes in computational photography, for the Nokia 9 PureView’: the internal chip of the smartphone helps to make your photos more beautiful as you make them.

From foldable smartphones to AI robotic mowers
©HMD – Global The five (!) Cameras in the Nokia 9 PureView

he Nokia 9 also has a water-resistant housing with an aluminum frame and the front and back are covered with glass. The device is 8mm thick and supports wireless charging. A fingerprint scanner has been processed behind the screen. Its screen is a 6 “-OLED panel ( 15.24 cm), without a notch, with a 2k resolution.” The battery has a capacity of 3320mAh and charging is via the USB-c connection. The Android 9 device does not have a 3.5mm connection.
Expected: 15 March 2019. Recommended retail price: 599 euros.

Sony Xperia 1 (€949)

Sony introduced its Xperia 1 at the MWC: that new device has no notch and with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 it looks remarkably elongated. The resolution is 3840×1644 pixels; that ratio is the same as that of cinema films, according to Sony. The phone also has a Cinema Pro function to make a 4k video. Sony also provides the device with a Multi-Window app, which makes it possible to use apps on half of the screen.

From foldable smartphones to AI robotic mowers
©Sony – Sony’s Xperia 1

Cameras are of course also available: on the back of the Xperia 1 are three 12-megapixel cameras, with lenses that match 16mm, 26mm, and 52mm on a full-frame camera. The cameras have eye-autofocus: they focus on the eyes when making a portrait. The recording speed is up to 10 images per second. The primary camera uses a 1/2.6 “sensor, has an f/1.6 lens and is equipped with optical image stabilization, while the other two cameras have a smaller 1/3.4” sensor and no stabilization.
Expected: Spring 2019. Recommended retail price: 949 euros.

LG V50 ThinQ

Fresh after the European launch of the V40 ThinQ, LG Electronics is already coming up with a successor at MWC. The Korean manufacturer did not present a foldable device, but does the LG V50 ThinQ with the trend of double screens, with an optional second screen in a cover. The device itself has a 6.4 “-OLED screen (16.26 cm) with a 19.5:9 ratio and a notch on the top.

From foldable smartphones to AI robotic mowers
©LG – Electronics The LG V40

The second screen has no notch and is slightly less elongated. Therefore, the diagonal with 6.2” also smaller. When the second screen is attached, it is possible to switch between the screens and the second screen on or off. Also useful: there is a function to divide the screens in two so that a total of four apps can be displayed and used simultaneously.
Prices and availability are not yet known.

Husqvarna AI robotic lawnmower (€4.999)

Between all those smartphone manufacturers, it was a bit strange to see a (relatively large) stand of lawn mower manufacturer Husqvarna. The Automower 435X AWD is a special case: the robotic lawnmower works on artificial intelligence and through Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFFT it works seamlessly with your smart home system.

From foldable smartphones to AI robotic mowers
©Husqvarna – This robotic lawnmower listens to your voice commands.

In other words, you can verbally order the Automower and do what you say. Furthermore, it is specially designed for rough terrain and slopes up to 70 percent.
Expected: spring 2019. Recommended retail price: 4,999 euros.

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