Furious commuters drag climate protesters off their train

Furious travelers have dragged some demonstrators of the Extinction Rebellion movement off the roof of a subway train in eastern London this morning. The two were standing on it with a banner: “Business as usual = Death”.

The incidents occurred this morning at three regional railway stations of Docklands Light Railway in eastern London. First, the commuters begged the demonstrators to get off their metro so that they could go to work. When the climate protesters refused, they got all sorts of things thrown at their heads, but still refused to come down. Angry commuters then decided to give them a helping hand, as can be seen on video footage.

The demonstrator on the train tried to kick away a commuter who wanted to drag him down, but he didn’t succeed. He was pulled onto the platform, where some people tried to kick him while he was lying on the ground.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) started a new campaign on 7 October to block traffic in London as a protest. According to the London police, more than 1,600 demonstrators have been arrested in those protest actions.

XR dates from 2018 and demands rapid measures to save life on Earth. The movement wants, among other things, an end to air traffic and a quick ban on petrol and diesel cars. In six years, there should no longer be any greenhouse gas emissions.

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