Fuss around Chinese kindergarten and her strange performance

A lot of parents could not believe their eyes yesterday when the Chinese school of their beloved toddler opened the year with a pole dance act.

The director had apparently closed the previous school year with a bizarre ten-day of “military activities”, guess what! she is now fired.

Around five hundred children between three and six years old, together with a hundred parents, watched in the kindergarten of Xinshahui in South China, Shenzhen. Shocked parents put footage of the strange spectacle with, among other things, a scantily dressed pole dancer on social media to express their disbelief. They wanted to take their children away from the school and demand the registration fee.

Journalist Michael Standaert was one of those parents. He wrote that the previous school year ended with ten days of “military activities,” showing machine guns and mortars. “She has gone completely crazy,” he said on Twitter. His wife got the headmistress on the phone for a moment and she told her it was “a good exercise”.

The competent authorities went to investigate and their conclusion was that the pole dance act was “inappropriate” for a kindergarten. The director, Lai Rong, was fired.

Rong spoke in the Global Times about a “couple of parents” who backed up their money and that others were open “to learn a new kind of dance”. She had hired the dancers for their “excellent abilities”.

With the new head of school, everything goes its usual way again, reassured Michael Standaert told CNN.


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