George Peprah, a footballer who is more broke despite money ritual

George Peprah is young Ghanaian footballer, who wanted to have a big fortune, went for spiritual help and, although he claims to have done exactly what he was asked to do, Peprah’s is found more broke than before.

George Peprah, better known as Jimmy Brown, was a footballer who dreamed of wealth, so he succumbed to spiritual help to find himself more broke than before the rituals.

The footballer suffered what Ghanaians know as Sakawa, but revealed, as reported by, that he had become poorer in his attempt. Peprah himself was, at one point, a spiritualist.

According to him, after having obeyed the instructions of a spiritualist who asked him to sleep in a cemetery for two weeks in order to plunder graves and steal parts of a corpse, he did not harvest anything as a result.

He claimed to have presented bones of hands, legs, and skulls to the favorite priest. He also recalled having slept in coffins with a friend during those two weeks. He also stated that he and his friend were instructed to avoid shaking hands, cuddling and pressure from other people encountered from the cemetery.

George Peprah, a footballer who is more broke despite money ritual

In a video interview with Vibes Arnold M. Elavanyo, he said:

“I wanted to be very rich so I went for money rituals, I was asked to bring human parts such as legs, hands, skull, we got some from the graveyard, after two weeks of sleeping at midnight naked,” he disclosed.

“My friend and I had to walk backwards from the graveyard, we had to avoid handshakes, hugs. With all these struggles.

“I didn’t get the money, [although] the fetish priest showed me pictures of the money and sent me to a cemetery where he claimed to have kept the money.”

He advised young people to stop getting rich by dubious means that would lead to death or unrest.

Today, George Peprah has abandoned football and her faith in occultism in search of more promising opportunities.

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