George Weah orders officials to declare their property

Liberian President George Weah has ordered officials who have not yet declared their property to do so within a week. Or face sanctions in accordance with the law.

He stressed that the declaration of assets under his regime will be applied to the letter. And that no one will be able to avoid it.

President Weah recalled that he told the Liberian people during his election campaign that: “Our government will adopt a zero-tolerance attitude towards corruption”.

The code of conduct of public officials requires them to declare their property before taking office. However, some voices in Liberia are rising to indicate that the Head of State himself has violated this principle.

He appears to have declared his assets to the anti-corruption commission only six months after taking office on 22 January, under public pressure.

According to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, only 25 percent of the executive members have completed their wealth declaration. The commission states that the vast majority of the judiciary have complied, but none of the 103 deputies have yet done so.

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