Germany ban some iPhones by dispute between Apple and Qualcomm

The American chipmaker Qualcomm has obtained from a court in Munich that certain older models of Apple’s iPhone in Germany are no longer allowed to be sold. It concerns the iPhone 7 and 8 and the iPhone X last year.

The two groups have long been engaged in a dispute over patents. Qualcomm recently filed a lawsuit against Apple in China for infringement of patent rights. There, a judge also banned the import and sale of most types of iPhones from Apple.

Apple emphasizes that the devices in question will still be available in Germany through network operators and other stores, but no longer in the 15 German Apple Stores. The judgment of the court in Munich has no consequences for the new iPhones XS and XR.

Qualcomm accuses Apple of using its technology for iPhones, without paying enough for it. Apple thinks that the chip giant is abusing its dominant position on the market to demand high royalties. The technology companies are fighting their feud worldwide.

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