Ghana/World 2018: Actor Van Vicker sleeps outside after losing a bet

The Ghanaian actor Van Vicker will certainly think twice before making a new bet, having been forced to sleep outside after the victory of France against Croatia at the World Cup in Russia.

Van Vicker have made a bet with his neighbours on which team would emerge victorious from the final of the 2018 World Cup that was played on Sunday.

Van Vicker has decided to bet on Croatia, by agreeing to sleep outside his house if the Croats fail to lift the trophy.

But unfortunately for him, France ended up winning 4-2. after the goals of Antione Griezmann, Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe and another of Mandzukic (CSC).

The award-winning actor was forced to spend the night outside his room, as he had promised in case of defeat.

Van Vicker then posted on Instagram a hilarious video of his “terrible” night spent outside his room after losing the bet.

In this video, the actor has set up a small tent in his yard, to spend the night.

As legend, he wrote: “I deserve what happened to me. I promised the fans of France in my house to sleep outside in the rain tonight. Well, France won, guess who’s sleeping outside in the hammock? I pray that it will not rain tonight. My son is joining me soon, lol.”

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