Ghanaian priests sacrifice to deities to expel “evil spirits” responsible for coronavirus

The fight against the coronavirus has become so intense that traditional priests in Ghana reacted. The priests in Aflao decided to offer an “animal sacrifice to deities of the land to expel “evil spirits” believed to be responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic.

The local fetishists in Ghana have offered help by risen to pray to their gods for the purification of land. The Ghanaian news agency reports that the local priests in the town of Aflao, which borders Togo, have made a sacrifice to the gods of the land to drive out the “evil spirits” suspected of being responsible for COVID 19.

The purpose of the ritual is to prevent the virus from the people of the Aflao Traditional Council and Ketu-South territories and to eradicate it from Ghana. The traditional priests believed that coronavirus is a scourge of the gods because many things go wrong, including the way libation spilling and other traditional rituals have been banned at major public events.

The rituals focused on the three entry and exit points of the area – Kpoglu Border, Beat 9, Aflao Border and ended with the slaughter of a goat at the ‘Dulegba’ (deity of Aflao) near the palace of Torgbui Fiti V, Paramount Chief of the traditional Aflao area.

The sacrifices, which the traditional priests called “elimination of disease”, followed previous public consultations with the deities of the common area to determine the cause of the pandemic.

Torgbui Dzakpata, a priest at the Flimani Korku Shrine in Aflao and Koforidua, disclosed through their divination, the gods were displeased with many things, including the way the pouring of libation. And other traditional rituals were banned at important public events and thus allowed the land to be tormented by disease.

Aflao Traditional Council is the first in the municipality of Ketu South to offer sacrifices to the gods to keep COVID-19 away. However, the other two, Klikor Traditional Area and Somey Traditional Area, have previously consulted the deities for the same purpose of cleaning the land.

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