Girl (1.5) died after car accident: parents let her die alone

A 1.5-year-old girl died in a hospital in France after fatally injured in a traffic accident caused by her drunken mother driving the car containing her husband and three children. When the child died, her parents were missing because they were fleeing the police.

The accident happened Monday evening in Samer, a municipality in the north of France. The car drove against a pillar of a bridge for still unclear reasons, causing much damage to the vehicle. According to the police, the 34-year-old driver was drunk, and her husband (35) was also under the influence of alcohol.

There were five people in the car: the married couple and their three children. The youngest, an 18-month-old girl, was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital in Lille by helicopter. She had already been declared brain dead. The other four passengers, the parents and two children aged three and four, were taken to another hospital in Boulogne.

There the parents, who suffered only minor injuries, fled at night, saying they wanted to visit their youngest daughter in Lille. The couple never got there, however, and neither did they return to the hospital in Boulogne. There their 3-year-old son and another child (4) are still being cared. The boy has brain damage and his brother or sister is in shock. The girl in Lille died Wednesday night.

The French police blame the parents for not looking after their injured children after the accident. The father and mother were arrested in the Boulogne area on Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of attempted murder.

The couple is also suspected of stabbing an acquaintance before the fatal accident. The mother had previously been sentenced to eight years in prison for theft and for expressing death threats. The father has been convicted twice for domestic violence.

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