Girl bangs against wall, she plays VR game on flight for virtual grenade [Video]

Oh! sound the same in all language. A video of young girl who bangs hard against the firebricks, wall while playing a computer game in virtual reality goes viral on social media. The video clip shows how she panics during the game for a virtual grenade and smacks against a wall.

“This is why they let you start with Fruit Ninja (a game where you have to cut fruit into pieces, ed.). A friend tries for the first time VR and accidentally drops a virtual grenade. She panics and runs for her life …”, it sounds in the caption to the video on YouTube.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the video was made in California. On the images you can hear how the girl of her friends gets the order to go into her virtual arsenal of weapons, to take a grenade and throw it. But because it’s the first time she’s playing a VR game, she drops the virtual grenade at her feet, whereupon she panics and flees. The result: she bangs her head hard against the wall of a fireplace.

YouTube, Reddit, HLN
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