Gold of an unknown civilization

In the town of El Cano in Panama, archaeologists have discovered a burial place of 700-1000 years. AD, in which numerous objects of gold and precious stones were found, indicating the existence of a previously unknown civilization.

“This is a truly amazing find, perhaps the most significant since the 1930s, when a large number of gold artifacts were found in Sitio Conte, also in central Panama,” says anthropologist John Hoops.

During excavations in early 2011, archaeologists discovered the burial of a certain high-ranking person. The grave had several levels and was covered with a wooden roof. Along with this man, 25 other people were also buried, whose bodies were neatly stacked.

The researchers found a golden children’s outfit, possibly intended for the ruler’s son, small gold plates, bracelets, earrings, and a necklace made of semi-precious stones.

Gold of an unknown civilization

At the bottom of the grave, scientists found the remains of 15 people whose bodies served as a foundation. According to researchers, these people could have been captured soldiers or slaves.

A vessel filled with the bones of the poisonous fish Guentheridia Formosa was found next to the bodies. Another curious detail: the remains of people were covered with ceramic plates, the purpose of which is not entirely clear.

Gold of an unknown civilization
Gold of an unknown civilization

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