Google makes integrated Workspace service available to all users

Google has made the integrated Workspace service available to all users with a Google account. Workspace allows users to use multiple Google services in one interface, such as Gmail and Chat.

Starting today, Google wants to make all parts of Workspace available to everyone with an account. The company is kicking off with chat and says users can now enable Chat within Gmail through the settings. Gmail users then do not have to open the separate Chat application to chat with other users.

For example, Workspace allows users to open other Google apps within the chat. Google cites the example of images and videos that can be shown from the Drive in the chat or sharing Google Sheet spreadsheets to discuss a budget with several people. Users can also share Docs documents in a Meet video meeting.

Google announced Workspace in October. Initially, it was only available to business users and was the replacement for G Suite. Now consumers and other users can also use Workspace.

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