#Gorillagluegirl: Brawn finally remove Gorilla glue from her hair

An American woman who gained worldwide attention after using a can of Gorilla glue in her hair will hopefully soon be able to properly walk around the street. According to video images taken in the clinic, the treatment to get the rock-hard stuff out of her haircut has been successful. 40-year-old Tessica Brown burst into tears after the procedure.

Because her favorite brand of hairspray had run out, Brown looked for an alternative to giving her hairstyle a finishing touch. She chose Gorilla Glue, a glue product that is generally used for products such as wood, laminate, fabric, paper, and cardboard.

Since the label didn’t specifically warn against hair use, Tessica Brown thought there was no harm in spraying it on her hairstyle. However, her worst nightmare came true when she couldn’t possibly get the superglue out of her haircut.


40-year-old Brown reported on what had happened to her in various TikTok videos and gained worldwide fame. The woman, who has five children, was desperate and was offered help from all over the world, including from Neal Farinah, the hairstylist of none other than Beyoncé.

In the end, she opted for treatment with Michael Obeng, a renowned plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. The surgery normally costs about $ 12,500, but in this case, Brown was reimbursed for the entire operation.

During the four-hour treatment, surgeon Obeng used a medical adhesive remover of the very best quality. He then combined that with olive oil and a dash of acetone, better known as nail polish remover. He also used aloe vera, a succulent plant that seeps out a kind of gel.

Various ointments and creams are made from this gel. According to Obeng, the combination of all these products is enough to completely break down polyurethane, the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue.

Grueling process

A TMZ camera crew attended the treatment from start to finish. “It was a grueling process of about four hours,” reports the well-known entertainment magazine. Tessica was under a light anesthetic during the procedure. When she came to, she immediately ran her fingers through her hair. She hardly seemed to believe it.

“I can scratch through it again,” she said visibly emotionally. Brown already figured out that her mistake made her wear a wig for the rest of her life, but according to TMZ, it looks like the woman will make a full recovery.

The treatment is not finished yet. According to The Daily Mail, this is a three-day procedure, and removing the glue is just the first step. What else needs to be done with the patient is not clear. But the first treatment went well, says surgeon Obeng. “Tessica is doing well. She’s awake. The hair crew takes care of her haircut.”

Gorilla Glue

The TikTok video in which she revealed the painful blunder has already been viewed more than 28 million times. Gorilla Glue heard of the uproar and released a statement on Twitter. ‘We are very sorry to hear about what Miss Brown went through when she used our glue spray on her hair. In her recent video, we are happy to see that Miss Brown has undergone medical treatment and wish her the best,’ it says.

The company emphasizes that the product “is not suitable for use in or on the hair” as it is a permanent adhesive. In the statement, Gorilla Glue does not address any legal case. “This is a unique situation as this product is not indicated for use in or on the hair as it is considered permanent.”

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