Gossip that she is transgender, Brigitte Macron plan to sue

Brigitte Macron (68), the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, is going to file a complaint against a website that has spread the rumor that the first lady was born as a man. The gossip first appeared in September and has been hotly debated on social media ever since. Jean Ennochi, a lawyer for Brigitte Macron, has said that the French first lady will now take legal action.

According to French media, the rumor about Macron’s gender first appeared in an article published on the website of a far-right newspaper and written by a woman named Natacha Rey. Since then, fake news has been circulating on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Several internet users claim that Brigitte Macron was born as a man, under the name Jean-Michel Trogneux. On Twitter, the hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux was one of the hottest trends in France over the past week.

In addition, the gossips believe that Macron is not the mother of her three children. The French first lady married her first husband, André-Louis Auzière, in 1974 and had a son and two daughters with him.

Gossip and criticism

Many French people don’t think it’s a good idea that Macron is going to file a complaint because of the rumors. In doing so, some say that she would emphasize that she is very interested in the lying rumors, raising the question of whether there may be some truth behind the gossip after all. On the other hand, others firmly believe that the claims are pure fabrication.

It is not the first time that Brigitte Macron has been the victim of gossip and criticism. For example, internet trolls mocked the 25-year age difference between Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron in the election of the French president in 2017.

Two years ago, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also insulted the appearance of the French first lady, a minister of the Brazilian government said at the time. “The president has said it, and it is the truth. That woman is really ugly,” it sounded then.

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