Grandma (85) caught with 60 grams of cannabis in her bra

An 85-year-old grandmother from Seqeudin, France, had to appear in court after agents discovered nearly 60 grams of cannabis in her bra. She wanted to smuggle the drugs into the prison for her grandson.

Paulette L. (85) was a bit nervous when she had to explain to the judge. “I haven’t been sleeping for a few days,” she said. On July 5, 2018, agents discovered that the woman had stuffed no less than 58 grams of cannabis into her bra. According to Paulette, she only wanted to do good for her grandson, who was in prison. “He begged for it,” she said. “He told me he would hurt himself.”

The young man is said to be addicted and was put under pressure by other prisoners. “He means everything to me,” said the woman, who is on the bus for an hour each week to visit him. She’s the only one he gets a visit from. “Just the idea that he was in danger was unbearable for her,” her lawyer said.

The woman was found guilty but received no punishment – partly because she still had a blank criminal record. Her grandson, on the other hand, received 10 months extra jail time.

La Voix du Nord
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