Great comeback in making: Mike Tyson wants to put gloves back

Is Mike Tyson getting back in the boxing ring? It looks like it. The now 53-year-old boxing legend hinted at Instagram for a comeback for charity.

You can take Tyson out of boxing, but you can’t take boxing out of Tyson. The American heavyweight has not been idle in recent years. He was training hard to keep in shape. That will be necessary because Tyson plans to return to the boxing ring.

Not to make a fortune, but to raise money for a good cause. ‘Iron Mike’ already gave a glimpse of the veil during a Q & A on Instagram. “I’ve been sparring hard for the past two weeks. That was very hard; my whole body hurts. ”

That is not surprising. Tyson waved goodbye to the boxing world some 15 years ago. So it makes sense that there is still some rust on it.

“I want to get in shape to fight 3 to 4 rounds for different charities. I want to participate in a few exhibition competitions to raise money for homeless or drug-addicted idiots – not including myself.”

The American is considered one of the best boxers of his generation. He was barely 20 years old when he became the youngest world heavyweight champion.

What followed was an impressive career. Tyson won 50 of his 56 camps and slapped his opponent against the canvas 44 times of the time. Fifteen years later, ‘Iron Mike’ still draws all the attention. Everywhere he shows up, people follow. It should, therefore, not be difficult for him to bring a big penny in the drawer.

Has ‘The Baddest Man Alive’ finally seen the light? Tyson used to be especially good at showing off his wealth.

For example, with impulse purchases such as white tigers, cannabis plantations, and even a golden bathtub, he regularly stared out on social media. But now the behemoth seems to be selflessly committed to the good cause. The mind then apparently comes with age…

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