“If he hits you, everything hurts”: Mike Tyson lashes out as usual

The much-discussed comeback of Mike Tyson (54) has ended in a draw. The American boxing legend was back in the ring for the first time in fifteen years, facing 51-year-old Roy Jones junior. He was in top shape and had a devastating effect as ever. “If he hits you, it doesn’t matter what, everything hurts.”

The boxing legend entered the ring, and their fight lasted eight rounds, lasting two minutes. For Tyson and Jones, this one-of-a-kind show was an opportunity to prove that age is just a number – and aging is a choice.

“I don’t consider life as age,” said Tyson. The game was announced as a demonstration camp in which money was raised for charity. Although Tyson clearly took the upper hand, according to the experts, it is not surprising that the three-man jury no winner was designated: 76-76- 73-79 and 80-76.

“I’m happy with the draw,” said Tyson afterward. “We entertained the audience, and that’s what it was all about.” Jones Jr nodded. “I think this result is okay. But Tyson is so strong. If he hits you, it doesn’t matter what, everything hurts.”

One thing was clear. Tyson is in top shape and showed powerful strokes as usual. Going off was not an option because the fight was the kick-off of an idea organized by camp Tyson themselves: the Legends Only League.

The idea is to organize demonstration competitions for elderly top athletes. So he returned to the ring with Roy Jones junior to relive a moment from their wonderful past. The past few months, they have been training incredibly hard not to go off last night. “Now comes the fun part,” said Tyson prior to the fight. “Everything else to get here was hell.”

Afterwards, a ceremonial title was awarded to ‘Iron Mike’, a three-time world heavyweight champion and still known as one of the best boxers ever. Jones Jr. is also a multiple world champion, first in the light heavyweight and later also in the heavyweight.

The fight took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. With the necessary entertainment, also musically. For example, a mini-concert by Snoop Dogg was suddenly programmed between the camps.

Another thing: the fight between YouTube star Jake Paul (23) and former NBA basketball player Nate Robinson (36), earlier in the evening, ended in a victory for the former. Robinson knocked out the former NBA player in the second round. Afterward, he announced that he had set his sights on a party with MMA icon Conor McGregor.

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