Interesting facts about Mike Tyson

Boxer Mike Tyson is one of the most famous athletes in history, and in celebrity, he can rival Muhammad Ali himself.

Having won many brilliant fights, Tyson remains a simple and cheerful person, and his creative nature does not let him get bored even in his free time from training.

Mike Tyson facts

  1. Even in his youth, doctors gave him a disappointing diagnosis – “manic-depressive psychosis.”
  2. Mike Tyson primarily eats spinach leaves and celery stalks. In two years, such a strict diet could not affect the athlete’s figure; he lost more than 50 kilograms. Moreover, the North American media claims that Tyson is a vegan – a strict guardian of vegetarianism.
  3. In 1986, there was the shortest fight with the participation of Mike Tyson. It took him only 30 seconds to send his opponent, Marvis Frazier, to the knockout.
  4. In 1997, he broke up so badly during a match that he bit off the ear of the boxer Evander Holyfield, his opponent.
  5. Mike Tyson’s father was never married to his mother, and he left them when the child was only 2 years old.
  6. Tyson has a hobby – he has been raising pigeons all his life. Now in h is “nursery,” there are more than two thousand birds
  7. In his youth, he dropped out of school and joined one of the local street gangs. He was subsequently arrested several times and spent a lot of time in a juvenile prison.
  8. One day, Muhammad Ali came to the correctional institution where 13-year-old Mike stayed to conduct conversations with difficult teenagers. It was after this that Tyson decided to take up boxing professionally.
  9. As a child, Mike had a nickname for his peculiar manner of speaking – “The Magic Boy.” Moreover, he, an insecure fat man, was constantly offended by his peers, and he did not give back in response because of a lack of courage.
  10. At 13, while in a juvenile colony, he met Bobby Stewart, his first coach. The shrewd boxing teacher made a contract with him that he will coach Tyson while he studies. The deal turned out to be a success – Tyson began to train hard and fell in love with reading.
  11. In 2003, Tyson announced that he wanted to get a face tattoo. But the plot he proposed terrified the tattoo artist, and he stated that he would never do this. The fact is that Tyson wanted to tattoo many small hearts on his face.
  12. According to rough estimates, Tyson earned about $ 400 million during his boxing career. But he can spend money even faster than making money: despite his huge earnings, in 2003, he almost went bankrupt due to huge debts.
  13. After a scandalous divorce from his wife, actress, and model Robin Givens, Tyson continued to communicate with her for some time. Once, having gone to visit Robin without warning, he found Brad Pitt there. It seems that the Hollywood actor at this moment was very close to death, but, fortunately, everything worked out.
  14. Mike Tyson has as many as 8 children from his three official wives and several mistresses.
  15. In 1991, the boxer was convicted of rape for 6 years, of which he served three years in prison. Many believe that he did not commit a crime, as some aspects of the court case look very suspicious.
  16. On the right shoulder of Mike Tyson, a portrait of his idol, American tennis player Arthur Ashe, is tattooed.
  17. After the boxer converted to Islam, he received a new spiritual name – Malik Abdul Aziz.
  18. Mike Tyson has repeatedly stated that after leaving the big sport, he would like to take up singing and dancing in the future.
  19. In total, he was convicted three times. The first case is described above; the second is a fight, the third is driving a car under drugs.
  20. Mike Tyson once donated a quarter of a million dollars to build a mosque.
  21. For the first time in his life, he got into a fight over a pigeon when a local bully killed a bird in front of him. After that, Tyson’s peers began to respect him.
  22. Once, during a TV show, Mike Tyson threatened his rival Lennox Lewis to eat his children.
  23. He often appears in films and TV series. His filmography consists of more than forty films and television series. True, everywhere and always, he plays only episodic roles and only the role of himself.
  24. Doping control helped to discover that Tyson entered the ring more than once under the influence of drugs. He was disqualified several times.
  25. After retirement, the famous boxer began to lead an exemplary lifestyle. Onet has repeatedly said that he now devotes most of his time to raising children.

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