Guinea constitutional defense submits blacklist to Col. Mamady

The National Front for the Defense of the Guinean Constitution has submitted to Mamady Doumbouya a list of 62 people who should be excluded from public affairs and the transition led by the ruling military junta.

The National Front for the Defense of the Guinean Constitution has drawn up a list proposed to the new authorities of the transition led by Lieutenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya. On this list published on Sunday, this coalition, which had led the mobilization against the third term of deposed President Alpha Conde, cited 62 people to be banned from the transition.

This coalition of political movements and civil society, which is at the origin of fierce opposition to the third term of the deposed leader, Alpha Conde, considered that the people whose names appear on their list have “betrayed their oath”, paving the way for Alpha Conde to obtain a third term in October 2020.

Several members of the former government of Alpha Conde have been added to the denylist. Among them, the former Prime Minister Ibrahima Kassory Fofana and the former Minister of Defense Mohamed Diané. In addition to these ministers, other personalities deemed to be very involved in forcing Alpha Condé

into 2020 have been cited.

These include police and national gendarmerie commanders, judges, including the president of the Constitutional Court, prosecutors, governors, and prefects, whom the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution accuses of having paved the way for Alpha Conde to win an unconstitutional third term.

The FNDC finds it “logical and even necessary not to involve them in the management of the transition”; better underlines the coalition, these people “must be banned from the transition for the happiness of the people of Guinea”, especially, they say, as this mandate of too much “has plunged the country into an unprecedented disastrous situation and in a crisis that made peace and social stability fragile”.

The National Front for the Defense of the Constitution insists that the personalities on this list are considered to be “alleged authors or co-authors of the constitutional coup” of deposed President Alpha Conde, therefore “people to be extirpated from any process of return to constitutional order, pending the outcome of justice”.

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