Guinea: great anger of Guinean opposition women

The women of the Guinean opposition do not fray. Once again, hundreds of them took to the streets to express their dissatisfaction with police abuses and the killings of their activists, who are the victims of the opposition at each of its demonstrations.

According to the reports, at least 94 of theirs have been killed since 2011 in Conakry alone by the police in political demonstrations. Yesterday, Wednesday, March 28, they were at the Minister of Justice to demand investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators.

It is to demand the cessation of the killings of the opponents during the political demonstrations that the women of the opposition loudly protested this Wednesday, March 28 in the center of Conakry.

They addressed the Minister of Justice, in front of his door: “The demonstration is to come and challenge the Minister of Justice, so he takes his responsibilities, 94 activists are the victims. Until today, no investigation has been opened, no killer has been found”.

“If it is the camp of the opposition, they sometimes refuse even to take the complaints”.

Other women through this message express their anger differently: “There must be peace in the country, there must be justice. We demand that targeted killings be stopped.”

“Nobody is above the law”

“We came to express our emotion about the killings of our children,” they finally said.

Justice Minister Cheick Sako tried to reassure the protesters: “Those who say that justice does nothing in our country, we will show them the opposite. We can say that justice is slow, we can say that some files sleep, that’s true. But you will not be able to prove that a record of killings of suspicious deaths has not been opened. So, do not say that justice sleeps in this country. Nobody is above the law.”

These “amazons”, as they are often called, are all red and white dressed as a sign, at the same time, of mourning and revolt.

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