Hair loss when Ashley uses new shampoo: “bald head is a story”

Panic outdo an American family: after Ashley Rose had taken a shower, her hair suddenly started to fall out en masse. It is suspected that the shampoo she used has been tampered with. The hair loss was so great that the young lady saw no other solution than to shave completely.

Ashley purchased the Pantene Pro V bottle on July 23, 2020, at a Walmart store in New Richmond, Wisconsin. When she wanted to use the product for the first time last Sunday, things went wrong immediately which resulted in hair loss.

The girl first let the stuff soak for ten minutes. When she stepped out of the shower, she noticed that her hair smelled strange. A new wash triggered a panic attack: the strands of hair fell from her head as if it were loose substance.

Ashley went to the emergency department to make sure there were no chemical burns. Fortunately, nurses found that her skull looked “only red and irritated.”


Ashley’s mother doesn’t feel happy with the hair loss, however, did not stop there and raised the alarm via her Facebook profile. Taffy Jo Timm (44) is firmly convinced that someone should have blended hair removal cream into the shampoo. Ashley lives alone, so the sabotage could not have happened in her house anyway. The duo filed a complaint with the police so that the surveillance images of the department store could be investigated.

“As I write this, she is losing and weeping,” Taffy wrote. “The shampoo should look normal white, but now it turns ugly pink.”

Ashley hoped that extensions could hide the bald spots, but that idea her hairdresser quickly told her: that extra weight would only cause more hair to fall out. On Monday, the girl made the “heartbreaking” decision to be completely shaved.

“Now more than ever I have panic attacks,” wrote after her hair loss. “I’m scared. I don’t wanna go in public. Nothing… Tomorrow I go back to work and I’m very anxious, my emotions never been so high. I love my job and people but I’m scared. Thank you for all the support I have already received. I am now starting a new phase in my life. It will not be easy, but I know that God is always by my side.”

In the meantime, a fundraising campaign has also been started for the medical and legal costs that this story entails. The girl will also have to buy some wigs. “And they can cost hundreds or even thousands of euros,” it sounds. In two days the counter is at $1,435.

The conscious bottle from Pantene
The conscious bottle from Pantene. ©Facebook

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