Has Meghan given birth? The Queen visited Harry and Meghan

It is possible that Meghan Markle (37) has already given birth. Harry and Meghan have decided to come out with the news at a time of their own choosing, but the fact that Queen Elizabeth was already visiting the two in their home would, according to some, be a reason that the American Duchess already liked.

Meghan Markle was calculated for Sunday, April 28. The chance that she has already given birth is therefore real. While waiting for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to announce the news, British public opinion continues to allude to that birth.

According to some, the biggest hint would be that the British Queen Elisabeth recently visited the couple in their new home, Frogmore Cottage. But according to insiders, that visit would have nothing to do with her newest great-grandchild. According to them, the queen would only have traveled to welcome them to their new home.

Frogmore Cottage is finally in its ‘back yard’. “Her Majesty wanted to officially welcome them to their new home,” the source tells The Sun. “The Queen was surrounded by other members of the family and Harry and Meghan were happy that they could show them all around in their new home. She came to visit around Easter, when the baby was definitely not there yet.”

Deliver a baby at home

Harry and Meghan choose to keep the birth of their first child private. When the two “have had the opportunity to celebrate their new family in private,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their child make time for the press. The couple announced this in a press release. According to British royal family reporters, it could take two days for the world to see the baby for the first time.

Has Meghan given birth? The Queen visited Harry and Meghan
©AP – 23 April 2018: Kate and William with their newborn son Louis.

Harry and Meghan break with the tradition of the photo moment just after birth. Harry’s sister-in-law Kate was – even three times – already a few hours after her birth before the world press. Recently it became known that Meghan would also like to choose to give birth at home. The expectant mother would thus follow in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth. She was born at home herself and gave birth to her four children in Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

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