Have a free hotel room? This man devise some tricks

A rather ingenious trick of spending the night in a hotel without paying a penny was foiled by the Tours police after operating for two weeks.

The Tours police arrested a young man who had found an unusual way to sleep in a hotel without paying, according to France Bleu reports.

During the closing hours of the recepti on desk, he took advantage of a moment of inattention of the customers to enter a hotel in downtown Tours. He then grabbed the key to a vacant room to spend the night there.

In the morning, he arranged to leave before the employees arrived. The trick worked perfectly until, fifteen days later, he forgot to wake up on the morning of August 28.

Alerted by the manager, the police found the individual in the bathroom of the room. They discovered that he also held a payment card and a telephone that had previously been stolen in Bourges.

The man was referred to the public prosecutor’s office.

Necessity, mother of invention?

The idea of free accommodation in a hotel has been on everyone’s mind. For example, in the United States, a tourist used rodents to avoid paying.

Housed in a room, he freed his little accomplices and complained sometime later about excrement. The staff was obliged to call the disinfection services and offered him free accommodation as compensation.

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