Herman Horion wants a woman to live with him for free

Eighty-year-old Herman Horion is tired of being alone, so he placed a sign in his front garden with a remarkable call: “Free indwelling. Only for women without children.” “Hopefully someone will appear at my gate with whom I can live together for a few nice years.”

Herman Horion, from Lummen in Limburg, fights loneliness. He already tried it once through a personals ad in a local newspaper. “But then you get strange reactions from people with different intentions. That is why I finally screwed this board up myself. The conditions are clear: I am looking for a woman alone, without children. You don’t want to start having children anymore at my age, do you? A little more peace is welcome.”

Herman Horion wants a woman to live with him for free
©Mine Dalemans – Herman actually seeks a heiress for his farm. “But no sex, let that be clear.”

Herman’s wife died shortly before Christmas 2017. “She suffered from pancreatic cancer, and she actually fought long and brave. We had a very beautiful marriage. Just before her death, she asked me to maintain our house. I promised her that. As a construction worker, I completely renovated it myself at the time, and she always did the cleaning and the laundry diligently. Together we have made something beautiful out of it.”

Son already deceased

“I feel that things are becoming increasingly difficult. I just passed the eighties. Then you know that you mainly have to phase out and start enjoying what is coming. However, it no longer works so well alone. I was recently in the hospital. Our house was empty for four days. My son died suddenly 15 years ago. I’m really alone in the world. That hurts, yes. I have a long family, but I don’t see them here anymore.”

“It’s easier to have someone to help,” Herman Horion realizes. “And actually I am also looking for an heiress for our farm. It is reassuring that our house will later go to someone I know who has meant something to me. But it is also nice to do fun things and to go somewhere together. I certainly do not have any wrong intentions. So I’m not looking for sex, that’s obvious. That was the problem with those traditional personals. Then you are so often misunderstood.”

Not the easiest

“Someone much younger? Gosh, why not? If it clicks really well? Whether I am not afraid that someone might come to take advantage, with in mind that I will soon be the heir to a beautifully renovated farmhouse? No, because I am actually not the easiest myself, I realize. The sign was just there, and a candidate was already stopping here. But I noticed it didn’t click at all, so I sent her on. I do expect something: she must help me, too.”

Herman Horion did not put a telephone number on his plate. “Ha, no. Because then maybe the phone is red hot. And via the internet? That is also not at all for me. You get to know each other in real life. They are always allowed to ring the bell at the gate, and then I will come out to have a chat. Then we will see if it clicks between us. I have written down my conditions on a piece of paper. You see: I have prepared it all nicely. Living in is free, but I ask you to add a little to the energy bills. And above all: it has to click well between us.”

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