Pommeline and Fabrizio went from ‘sick jealousy’ to a wedding date

‘Temptation’ faces Pommeline and Fabrizio (26) are marrying this year, and we now know when exactly that will happen. On 2 May they want to make it official, just on the birthday of Pommeline.

However, they have come a long way. “I was sickly jealous and had little faith in women. With her I thought: either she will become one, or no one”, says Fabrizio in Het Belang van Limburg. “I claimed all her time: absolutely wanted to sleep with her, to make sure that there was no other. Luckily, she did it with me.” Pommeline also admitted that she was very jealous in their relationship, especially during the participation of Fabrizio in ‘Stars on Dance Floor’.

But now everything is in jugs. The two are on holiday for the time being, but will then fully focus on organizing their wedding. “We have already postponed it because it is so busy and everything falls so short,” says Pommeline. “But we have a new wedding date in mind: 2 May. Ideal, because that’s my birthday! “

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